Professional Indemnity Insurance


Protection for a business that provides a professional service.  What happens when something goes wrong and your customers have lost out financially?  In today’s World the customer is likely to pursue you for compensation and damages they have suffered as a result of failures in the service they are paying you for.

Why not partner with us?  Your business will benefit from the expert support it needs.  Whether you are a self-employed consultant or a global AIM listed PLC business, we will ensure you have the right cover in place.  As a result of working with us, your business would have access to a specialist team with years of experience.  Therefore, an ideal partner to help with your Professional Indemnity Insurance needs.

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What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

This type of Insurance Policy is suitable for businesses that are providing a professional and/or skilled service to customers for a fee – usually not providing a physical product.

The policy provides cover where a customer has “suffered a financial loss” – in simple terms this means your customer is out of pocket or lost money as a result of a failure or error in the advice or the professional service/skills you provided for them.

This type of insurance can get complex.  As a result and to help our client’s we have a dedicated team to deal with Professional Indemnity Insurance – call them direct on 01183 300 241 or complete our contact form

What if you haven’t done anything wrong?

Many claims are unfounded allegations that have been made – mainly due to misunderstandings between the service provider and the client.  Even where you are certain that you are not at fault, you will still incur costs in dealing with the allegations. 

To make sure your policy will step in and protect you, even when you have done nothing wrong, you need to make sure your Professional Indemnity Insurance has been arranged correctly.  This would include ensuring that the information provided to the Insurance Company is accurate – it is just an important for insurers to know how you work as well as what you do.

At Meadow Broking, we work with clients to get a full understanding of their activities and how these are carried out.  As a result you can be confident that any Insurance Policy arranged is appropriate for your business. 

Are your client’s refusing to pay your invoice?

Do you have a client who won’t pay your fee?  Are they doing this because they are saying you have not provided the service or results they expected?  

Your Professional Indemnity Insurance policy will step in at the outset.  Once you have a policy in place, your Insurer will pay the legal costs to defend your business against the allegations.  Therefore you will have peace of mind that your business will not be affected, protecting your business and the balance sheet.

Where there is a fee dispute, some policies will provide cover and pay costs associated with the dispute – some insurers may even pay your outstanding invoice, where this is more economical than paying legal costs to deal with the dispute.

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Not just Professional Indemnity Insurance!

We can help with all your other Business Insurance needs – have a look at some of the additional policies we can arrange for you



Some of the industry sectors we have helped with Professional Indemnity Insurance advice and quotations:


    • IT Technology
      • SAAS – Software as a Service
      • IAAS – Infrastructure as a Service
      • Software
      • Hardware
      • Fintech
    • Accountants
    • Architects
    • Property
    • Construction
      • Civil Engineers
      • Design & Build
      • Electrical contractors
      • Engineers
      • Heating engineers & Plumbers / HVAC
      • Lift Engineers
    • Media & Marketing
    • Life Science
    • Surveyors
    • AIM & Other Public Listed Companies
    • Environmental Consultants & Ecologists
    • Business Consultants
    • Management Consultants
    • Financial Advisors


Are you looking for additional help in the areas below? – if so, please contact us.  Our skillful team have helped numerous businesses with these in the past.

    • USA contracts / Trading in the US
    • Contract requirements & Negotiations
    • New projects not insured by your current policy
    • Additional limit requirements
    • Collateral warranties
    • Start up / New ventures
    • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Many businesses find these need to be looked at together with their Professional Indemnity Insurance.  Therefore make sure to contact us for support in these areas.


In the fast paced world of Technology we work with clients to support their business.  From initial start up funding, through the R&D Research and Development program, to testing and launch.

We have access to the specialist Professional Indemnity Insurance markets required for this industry.  As a result we can make sure appropriate covers are in place at the most competitive terms possible.

In addition, we can cater for all your Business Insurance needs, including Data Insurance, Cyber Insurance etc.  For more information, click here for details of some of the other Insurance policies we can help you with.

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We can ensure your Professional Indemnity Insurance policy meets the requirements of your regulator or institute including:

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